Organic structure-directing agent-free synthesis of NES-type zeolites using EU-1 seed crystals


NES-type aluminosilicate zeolites are successfully obtained for the first time without using organic structure-directing agents by the addition of zeolite EU-1, EUO-type aluminosilicate zeolites, as the seed crystals. Crystal growth of the NES-type zeolite using seed crystals with the different topology is presumed to be due to their structural similarities. The product phases in the seeded synthesis are strongly affected by the initial gel compositions such as SiO2/Al2O3 and Na2O/SiO2 ratios, and the pure NES-type zeolite is obtained only in a narrow region. Obtained product showed comparable pore characteristics to those of the NES-type zeolites synthesized using OSDAs.

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials