Bridging the Gap between Structurally Distinct 2D Lamellar Zeolitic Precursors through a 3D Germanosilicate Intermediate


There is broad scientific interest in lamellar zeolitic materials for a large variety of technological applications. The traditional synthetic methodologies towards two‐dimensional (2D) zeolitic precursors have made a great impact in the construction of families of related zeolites; however, the connection between structurally distinct 2D zeolitic precursors is much sparser by comparison, resulting in a synthetic obstacle that theoretically limits the types of zeolites that can be constructed based on each building layer. Herein, we report a Ge‐recycle strategy for a topotactic conversion between different 2D zeolitic precursors through a three‐dimensional (3D) germanosilicate. Specifically, the intermediate germanosilicate can be constructed within 150 min by taking advantage of its structural similarity with the parent lamellar precursor. This novel process enables the conversion of one 2D zeolite structure into another distinct structure, thus overcoming the synthetic obstacle between two families of zeolitic materials.

Angewandte Chemie International Edition