Angewandte Chemie 2018

Cationic molecules in the space of anionic frameworks are known to guide the crystallization of zeolites. In addition, they have been thought to be able to control the location of aluminum, which correlates with the active sites in zeolites. In their Communication on page 3742 ff. W. Chaikittisilp, T. Okubo et al. show evidence for the ability of these molecules to direct the Al positions through energetic preferences, offering rational guidelines for the designed synthesis of zeolites with desired Al sites.

村岡 恒輝
助教 東京大学卓越研究員

マテリアルズ・インフォマティクスの嚆矢となった、UCバークレーのMaterials Genome Initiative、The Materials Projectでの研究ののち、東京大学で実験、理論計算、機械学習、データサイエンスを駆使して結晶性材料合成の統合的な研究を行っています。